I Know My Problem…Now What?

“Yeah I’m Christian. I go to church, I’m baptized and not to mention I’m a really good person. I mean I still swear, I use God’s name in vane, and I only really truly hate one person.” I hear this a lot, and frankly I’m one of these people but only customized with my own faults I have. Except there is one huge difference. I don’t believe you can just go to church and be baptized to be called a christian.

So what is a Christian? A christian is some one who has a deep love and desire for Christ, someone who would give up all and surrender all things to their Lord and Savior. Love more powerful than your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, daughter, even children. A desire bigger than for the things of the secular world. Surrendering all, even if it means horrible humiliation and embarrassment, doing anything for the glory of God…Giving up all you have on this Earth for God, to God.

Not as easy as it sounds to be a true Christian. It would take every ounce of strength you have, and it wouldn’t end until the day that you would die.It’s like a constant uphill battle, but it will be worth it. An eternity in heaven, if you would just live your life for Christ. But it’s definitely easier said than done.

So referring to the title, I know my problem…Check. I live a worldly life, each day passing I don’t live my life with meaning. I don’t even pick up my Bible. It brings me to tears how much i take things for granted, so why do we do it? Out of pure laziness, which needs to end now. Today. No excuses.

There are several people out there living for God, and taking full advantage. They’re not afraid to live for Him, in fact there risking their lives every single day. That sounds absolutely exhausting, but there is one more detail I left out…They’re being persecuted for it. Yes, being killed. I just heard of a girl that her own brother, flesh and blood burned her, and cut her tongue out and eventually killed her. Just because she believed in GOD, and Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

We all know these things are happening all around the world, but were to lazy to do anything about it. Let alone surrender everything even though we have it better, and were way less likely to be persecuted over it. We have it better, not easier, but better.

You’re probably thinking that we have easier though, can i ask why? Is it because were not being persecuted, or we have easy access to the Bible, or maybe because we have a ton of churches. Whatever the reason, I think we have almost harder than anybody else in the world. Our country is practically run by Satan, I mean look closely. The T.V. we watch, the books we read, what were taught in school. They mostly revolve around sex, drugs, profanity, lust, etc. Then there is the fact were being taught evolution in school, I’m not even going to touch on that today though, that’s a whole other “novel” to write. My point, Satan’s got us wrapped around his little finger.

Here’s a sad little fact, I heard a story where a guy went to another country and told the people there that he was praying for them. You no what they said in return? No, we’re praying for you in the United States. Wow. A country that’s doing a lot worse in our mind is actually doing a lot better. They live in such poor situations, they have to live for Christ because they have no one else that has got there back.

Now what? Were basically lazy is how  see it. So I am going to end this blog with a challenge. Read a Bible for thirty whole days, at least a chapter a day, and on top of that I want you to pray to God. Ask him for help and guidance, believe that he can help. I guarantee that you will find something, but don’t look to hard, you might oversee it. Just try, what is there to loose. Tell you what, I’ll do this challenge with you, because I need to get back on track as well and stay on track as well. See you next time…



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