What Would You Give Up For God?

      Today I was watching a show which I believe was called “Amish Outcast”. Whatever it was called I was completely astonished at the family featured. This husband and wife were Evangelical Christians. But that’s not what particularly struck me.

      In their Amish community it was said that they not study the Bible, have prayer meetings, sing hymns in English etc. If you did these things you were disobeying and the result could end with a shunning. The family doing these things knew the risks they were taking. Long story short they ended up being shunned, because they chose to follow what God was telling them and not their family/community.

      Not to mention their amazing faith. Yeah, giving up your family for God shows that you have a substantial amount of faith, but trusting the Lord with everything of yours? A little after they were shunned they sold there home, and were in the process of moving with the money they made off their old home. While moving they met this other family that was struggling financially, so the shunned Amish family gave a lot of their money to the financially struggling family because God told them to.

      Not only did this put them in a tough financial problem as a result, but one of the parents daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Yes cancer. The family prayed to the Lord to heal her if it was His will, or to take her home. Whatever the choice they would continue rejoicing the Lord. They were willing to be okay with God taking their daughter because of their very strong faith, even though they’ve already been through a lot.

      The little girl ended up living, but later the mother gave birth to another child they named Hannah Rose…One hour later Hannah had died and went home in Heaven. The family did not loose faith, instead they continued living for the Lord understanding that what he had done was his will and that everything was going to be fine. What got to me the most is when the mother talked to the camera about it, she didn’t shed a single tear, but explained that she would not because it’s what the Lord wanted.

      So many things in this television show astonished me beyond belief. I couldn’t even tell you everything. Just how the family was so faithful to the Lord made me reflect on my own life. So to end with a couple questions, which please think about sincerely and answer honestly, and if you can’t pray to the Lord. Pray to Lord anyway, but you get what I’m trying to say.

     1.) What would you give up for God?

     2.) Would you be accepting and still be faithful with whatever he throws in your path good or bad?

     3.) Can you imagine leaving behind your family if you had to because of your beliefs? Would you?




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